WHAT IS Nua Eite

Nua Eite is an independent, egalitarian, ‘people-power’ political project advocating the decentralization and devolution of Irish government, and local control of all spheres of decision-making - political, economic, and socio-civic.

Nua Eite believes people – locals, residents, however they are characterized – know their best interest better than a cadre of professional politicians entrenched in the M50 island of the Irish capital.

Nua Eite advocates the reestablishment of local town councils in every county and the promotion and establishment of neighborhood councils and block clubs, giving these new and real powers to represent and legislate on the local level.

Nua Eite commits to the concept of ‘living locally while acting globally’. Nua Eite believes that economic and environmental sustainability comes through implementation of local initiatives and promotion of greater local consumption of local products, the linkage of local consumers with local producers and the creation of schemes of local and regional marketplaces for local and regional consumers.

Nua Eite understands many obvious social ills have less than obvious roots. Nua Eite commits to strengthening Irish society through bolstering its most basic institutions – healthcare, both physical and emotional, education, both formal and occupational, and social services of all descriptions.

Nua Eite acknowledges that realization of its objectives requires new thinking on the part of Irish voters – and new thinkers from among its ranks. Nua Eite promotes and encourages the candidacies of those not normally found within the legislative ranks – people from all walks of life who care about their futures, those of their family, friends and neighbors – those who are willing and able to stand for election to leadership positions, not for themselves but for everyone.

Nua Eite recognizes that the 2020 decade dauntingly dawns for the people of Ireland. Nua Eite believes that, acting in solidarity, we can surmount all challenges placed before us and enjoy the happiness and freedom those before us worked, fought and died to bequeath to all.

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