Responsive Government

Government, in a democracy, exists at the will of its people. This is often forgotten.

Its people are the government. People elect to its post those to represent them. People fund it through taxes, fees and levies. People can transform it when it fails to serve them.

Betraying its function is a government evolved over time into a monolith, with no fidelity to the will of its people. Dublin Island, secured within its M50 loop, creates its own echo chamber, hears its own voice, governs of its own will.

Nua Eite commits to decentralization and devolution of Irish government – to return to its people – the demos in democracy - authority to determine the trajectory of their own lives.

Nua Eite advocates for the immediate restoration of town councils and the promotion and establishment of neighborhood councils and block clubs. Nua Eite proposes new jurisdictional powers be granted these local assemblies to assure local power over local issues.

Nua Eite advocates use of the authority of referendum to give people the power to form these structures of neighborhood, local and regional governance, and establish their powers. No longer are local decisions to be made at the county or state level – without any consideration given to the needs, wants or opinions of those locally affected by them.

Nua Eite envisions a flow of jurisdiction beginning at the block club or neighborhood council level. It is there that issues impacting the locality are first to be raised, submitted and considered. Issues would move from there to the town/village council level, with the forwarded advice and/or consent of the more micro-local body.

At the town/village council level, the issue would further be considered, with equal weight given to the advice from the micro-level and additional consideration by its own members, of the impact on the larger community. If the issue can be fully realized and constituted at this level, it could be possible that here resolution could be found. If not, it would be forwarded to the county council level. 

At the county council level, most regional issues could find their finalization. The county council, acting according to the guidance and counsel from the members of the block/neighborhood and town/village level as well as additional consideration by its councilors, could hold the jurisdiction to settle issues within its own boundaries. It would also hold the authority to forward cross-jurisdictional issues to their local Teachta Dala.

Nua Eite envisions the role of the TD as the fulcrum of the legislative process – and not as an independent actor. The envisioned role of the TD is to represent local issues with state implications as the voice of the local and micro-local councils and their people. And the TD is to facilitate re-direction of issues or concerns brought directly to the state level to the appropriate local-level representative structure.

Nua Eite recognizes that this formation is a vision – and only one vision – of how the localization of government could occur. The final vision is to be that of the people of Ireland and not of one entity, political party, political persuasion or political body.

Power over their lives belongs to the people and this power need to be returned to them. This is Nua Eite’s objective.

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