Human-Size Economy

 Nua Eite commits to the principle of ‘living locally while acting globally’ and recognizes that local economic and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Nua Eite believes it is economically reckless and counterproductive for government to focus on the climate impact of local agricultural production without acknowledging the devastating effect of transporting overseas products to the Irish/European market.

Nua Eite finds it is outrageous that government enacts carbon taxes and proposes automotive bans prior to putting in place infrastructures to support alternative forms of resource utilization. Nua Eite rejects any imposition of water charges when government agencies cannot properly manage the more-than-abundant resource it already possesses. Nua Eite scoffs at suggestions that vehicle use be restricted when the rail and bus services outside the M50 island are woefully inadequate and their infrastructure crumbling.

Nua Eite maintains that small steps are necessary at the outset of a larger venture to humanize a national economy spun out of control through political and profiteer manipulation. Nua Eite asserts its conviction that the effort is critically crucial.

Nua Eite maintains economic and environmental sustainability originates at the micro-local level, with local residents patronizing local businesses, utilizing local products and services and consuming locally grown and produced foodstuffs.

Nua Eite champions the implementation of local initiatives to promote local consumption of local products through the linkage of consumers with producers, formation of schemes of local and regional marketplaces for local and regional consumers and creation of searchable databases targeted at and for local consumers, producers and servicers.

Nua Eite calls for creation of a scheme in which products are labeled not only by country of origin but additionally by province, county and local region. Nua Eite recommends creating linkages with local suppliers and vendors to highlight the availability of micro-local and micro-regional products within retail displays.

Nua Eite promotes membership in local credit unions over the use of national banks, whenever possible. Nua Eite recommends the local coffee shop over Starbucks. Nua Eite recognizes that even the smallest of local investment moves our communities toward greater economic strength.

Nua Eite recognizes the effort to re-humanize the Irish economy appears daunting but maintains it can be done through the determination of its people.

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